Digital Assets Custody and Financial Solutions | Dive into HyperBC Security Pyramid

HyperBC is a prominent figure in the realm of digital asset custody and payment solutions. Committed to ensuring asset security and advancing financial freedom, HyperBC provides a comprehensive array of services, including asset custody, merchant payments, clearing, and other financial solutions. With support for over 66 chains and 1200 tokens, HyperBC stands out as a market leader in this sector.

Review the HyperBC security architecture

First and foremost, regulatory adherence stands as a paramount consideration. HyperBC has obtained licenses such as MSB, Virtual Asset Service Provider, Cryptocurrency Activities, Virtual Asset Trading Platform, etc across a diverse spectrum of eight countries, spanning from Australia to the United States

Moreover, certification holds significant importance within the HyperBC framework. The company proudly holds ISO Certification from Callids Global, encompassing a wide array of services. These services include the provision of a secure MPC Wallet as a Service tailored for enterprises, asset custody solutions, provision of both virtual and physical cryptocurrency cards, secure API cryptocurrency payment gateway solutions, and the provision of physical cryptocurrency POS & ATM Kiosks.

In terms of risk assessment, HyperBC assumes a pivotal role, prioritizing transaction security through a multifaceted approach. This approach includes stringent identity verification protocols, permission authentication procedures, an approval process, the implementation of a trusted execution environment, MPC signature authentication mechanisms, and on-chain processing. Crucially, no asset transfers take place without explicit approval from designated parties, as determined by predefined team roles and rules.

The AML & KYT mechanisms at HyperBC incorporate advanced machine learning technology, distinguishing between various address types and labeling them based on specific merchant requirements. This automated process aids in identifying suspicious transactions, triggering notifications to merchants regarding high-risk transactions. HyperBC embraces a non-blocking approach, allowing merchants the flexibility to decide whether to reject or approve flagged transactions.

The HBC MPC Infrastructure presents a versatile cross-platform SaaS solution, seamlessly operating across multiple clouds. Utilizing the MPC-CMP protocol within a secure environment, it effectively mitigates the risk of single-point failures. This robust approach ensures the protection of digital assets against potential cyber-attacks, internal collusion, and human errors.

How does HyperBC MPC share private keys? HBC MPC employs a three-party key share model, where both mobile and PC wallets can generate the Root-Key. Clients retain one-third of the key, while the remaining two-thirds are securely stored on the HBC multi-cloud Trusted Sharing Service (TSS), backed by Coin Cover, a digital asset trust service provider.

This innovative solution grants users flexible and convenient access to manage crypto assets from any location with an internet connection. Its seamless integration into various applications and platforms empowers developers to effortlessly incorporate wallet functionalities. Whether for small businesses or large enterprises, minimal adjustments are needed, thanks to its user-friendly nature. Furthermore, robust security measures, including encryption and multi-factor authentication, are implemented to prioritize the safety of users’ funds.

Moreover, by leveraging existing infrastructure, the solution ensures cost efficiency in developing and maintaining a secure crypto wallet infrastructure. HyperBC’s solution simplifies technical requirements, making cryptocurrency management accessible to a broader audience without the need for in-depth technical expertise. In summary, HyperBC offers flexible solutions, including cold wallets, warm wallets, and hot wallets tailored to customer requirements. Additionally, it enables enterprises to effectively manage virtual assets through diverse modes, including custody, co-custody, and self-custody, all underpinned by advanced MPC technology.

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