Jeff Shuford Announces Historic Launch of Largest Veteran State Domains

National Invest In Veterans Week Expands with Launch of Largest Veteran State Domains, Following Congressional Honors

In a landmark expansion, the visionary leadership of Jeff Shuford has propelled National Invest In Veterans Week to new heights with the announcement of the launch of the largest collection of veteran state domains to date. This historic initiative, announced on March 16, 2024, underscores a national commitment to honoring and supporting veterans through innovative digital platforms.

Visionary National Invest In Veterans Week Co-founder Jeff Shuford commented about the massively historic veteran-focused digital asset announcement in excitement, “In the wake of our recognition by Congress, this expansion marks a pivotal moment for our initiative. By unveiling the largest collection of veteran state domains to date, we underscore a commitment of national importance, elevating our mission to new heights of prestige and impact. These state-specific domains, our crowning achievements, serve as a beacon of our unwavering dedication to harness digital frontiers for the betterment of our veterans’ lives. As a Congressional honoree, we hold a mantle of responsibility to innovate and advocate with honor, integrity, and a forward-thinking vision. This initiative is more than an expansion; it’s a testament to our collective resolve to create a nation where veterans are perpetually honored, supported, and empowered. As we chart this new course, let us embrace the privilege and duty bestowed upon us, to enrich the lives of those who have served our country with valor.”

Following the prestigious inclusion of National Invest In Veterans Week in the Congressional Record on March 8, 2024, and the recognition of Jeff Shuford with the 2024 Lifetime Digital Grassroots Achievement Award for outstanding digital advocacy, this expansion represents a significant leap forward in veteran advocacy and support.

The new veteran state domains are as follows:

These domains, all under the banner of National Invest In Veterans Week, aim to provide localized support and resources, highlighting the unique needs and contributions of veterans in each state. By fostering a more connected and supportive community for veterans nationwide, the initiative is set to enhance the visibility and accessibility of resources, services, and opportunities tailored to veterans’ needs.

Jeff Shuford’s vision, fueled by his own experience as an Iraq War veteran and his commitment to leveraging digital innovation for social impact, has been instrumental in this expansion. Through these state-specific domains, the initiative seeks to amplify veterans’ voices, promote veteran-owned businesses, and advocate for policies that support veterans’ transition to civilian life.

National Invest In Veterans Week, celebrated from March 1st to 7th annually, has garnered national recognition and bipartisan support for its impactful advocacy and support for veterans. This year’s expansion marks a significant milestone in the initiative’s journey, reinforcing the importance of investing in our veterans, not just during one week but throughout the year.

As we move forward, the launch of these state domains represents more than just a digital expansion; it embodies a nationwide call to action to support and honor the sacrifices of veterans. It is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and unwavering commitment to the veteran community.

For more information about National Invest In Veterans Week and the newly launched state domains, please visit

Contact: LTC. Rickey L. Pope (ret.), Chief Strategy Officer @ National Invest In Veterans Week

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